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Reviews & Test : Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer

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Thermal hedge trimmer-Stihl-HS-81-R
Our opinion
Average price : 550.00$
Ideal for landscape gardeners and farmers
For regular hedge maintenance
Lightweight model for optimum garden maintenance
Domestic entry-level thermal hedge trimmer
Smooth operation thanks to STIHL anti-vibration system
Ergonomic with multi-function rotating handle and single lever

It’s probably fair to say that a lot more people will be interested in hedge trimmers now that it’s spring, and that’s a good thing for Stihl sales. In previous years we’ve always been impressed by one of their products, and last year it was the HS 56 hedge trimmer. We had the chance to test the Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer and here are our thoughts.

The Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer is a moderately powerful product from Stihl that we have had good experience with. With 22.7cc of power, we found it more than adequate for dealing with thick branches and difficult bushes. Although it can’t compete with professional pruning tools such as the HS 87 R hedge trimmer, it’s also €200 cheaper.

Stihl HS-81 R thermal hedge trimmer review
Thermal hedge trimmer-Stihl-HS-81-R-test
Thermal hedge trimmer-Stihl HS-81 R review

Our opinion

Easy to use
Easy to handle
For professionals, there are many other options

Whether you’re more comfortable with an electric hedge trimmer or not is up to you. For small to medium jobs, however, we think the Stihl HS 81 R will probably do the job and is easily the best in its class. The use of thermal technology in this product has many advantages and offers a level of efficiency and performance that other hedge trimmers cannot match. If you want a reliable hedge trimmer that’s easy to use, gets the job done and doesn’t cost too much, then the Stihl HS 81 R is the perfect tool for you.

Stihl HS-81 R thermal hedge trimmer review 2
Thermal hedge trimmer Stihl HS-81 R best price
Stihl HS-81 R thermal hedge trimmer full test


The Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer is a powerful and quiet hedge trimmer for trimming work in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas. The STIHL HS81R hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for professional landscapers who want to work efficiently and quietly.

The HS 81 R hedge trimmer is a powerful, compact and lightweight tool for trimming high or wide hedges. The machine has an excellent power-to-weight ratio thanks to its low-emission, fuel-efficient engine.

The quarter-turn fuel cap makes refuelling quick, easy and accurate. Its unique design prevents spillage from faulty caps and seals. Every time you fill up, a quarter turn is all it takes to open the cap and start refuelling.

Our opinion :
in summary, the STIHL HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer is well worth considering if you’re looking for a powerful, quiet and highly responsive hedge trimmer. It’s perfect for landscaping professionals, gardeners and homeowners alike.


Start your hedge trimmer in a flash! Its priming pump allows you to quickly fill your carburetor with fuel before starting the engine, at the touch of a thumb. You can also use it to reduce the number of start-up cycles after long periods of inactivity, dry running or first-time use. This makes starting easier and instantaneous, so you can get to work straight away.

Our opinion :
if you’re in the market for a hedge trimmer, this is the Stihl option to consider. It has a number of excellent features that will help it perform, including the priming pump. So if you need an efficient and durable model, the Stihl HS 81 R could be a good choice for you.


Highly reliable and versatile, this best-selling hedge trimmer will appeal to anyone looking for good quality equipment at a competitive price. Its double-comb cutting bar features 3060 strokes per minute, enabling it to cut hedges, bushes and trees efficiently.

The Stihl HS 81 R is a variant of the HS 81, the only differences being a flatter cutting head and wider tooth spacing. The model features soft-grip handles instead of the traditional plastic ones found on other models.

Have you ever tried a hedge trimmer with a double-comb cutting bar? Thanks to its unique design, the Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer can be used to cut in any direction, even upside down. Stihl’s double-comb cutting bar is a totally innovative option, the only one of its kind anywhere in the world!

If you’re interested in Stihl thermal hedge trimmers, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you.

Our opinion :
we found the Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer to be a good value and reliable option for anyone looking for good quality and performance. It’s an efficient model with a particularly high number of strokes per minute (3060). Its double-tipped blades allow it to efficiently cut through hedges, bushes and trees.

Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer at the best price

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Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer at the best price

This thermal hedge trimmer is listed at 550.00$ on the Stihl brand website. The best price for this garden tool and its accessories or spare parts can be found on Amazon. See the full list below.

Stihl HS-81 R thermal hedge trimmer review

Stihl HS 81 R

Average price : 550$

Stihl HS 81 R thermal hedge trimmer specifications

Main characteristics
Use of the product Trimming a hedge with medium-sized branches
Brand Stihl
Weight 5.8 kg
Warranty 2 years
Engine & Power
Power supply thermal
Power 700 watts
Displacement 22.7 cc
Other features
Blade length 75 cm
Tooth spacing 38 mm
Telescopic function Non
Swivel handle Yes
SAnti-vibration system Yes
Number of moving blades 1
Plant collector No
Noise level 93 dB