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Reviews & Test : Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer

Motorized tools Hedge trimmer
Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer
Our opinion
Average price : 849.00$
Pole-mounted hedge trimmer for professional work on tall hedges at ground level
For landscaping professionals
Efficient and economical thermal pole hedge trimmer
135° swivel knife bar for easy handling
Lightweight equipment for comfort and long work intervals

Find out all you need to know about the Stihl HL 100 hedge trimmer, including a brief overview of its advantages and disadvantages. For the lower areas of your garden or property, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to choosing your trimmer. When buying a hedge trimmer, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Here’s an overview of the different features and some tips to help you find the right hedge trimmer.

Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer review
Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer best price
Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer full review

Our opinion

Exceptional power to weight ratio
Powerful, lightweight and easy to use
Single engine start
Very good cutting quality
Nothing to report

Lightweight and easy to use, the HL 100 Hedge Trimmer allows you to trim hedges safely without having to get uncomfortably close to them. Hedge trimming has never been easier and the machine is very comfortable to use. Its efficient design makes it easy to transport from one location to another.


The HL 100 hedge trimmer features a powerful engine with an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. The Stihl HL 100 hedge trimmer packs advanced features and power into a compact, lightweight design.

Thanks to its 4-MIX engine, it delivers truly comfortable performance. It’s ideal for trimming shrubs and hedges in your garden or park. Finally, the silencer reduces noise and annoyance by up to 60%, with an average noise level of 88 dB, so you don’t have to worry about losing your hearing after a long day’s gardening.


The HL 100 is a powerful, lightweight and easy-to-handle hedge trimmer. The innovative new drive concept in the redesigned HL 100 ensures both optimum machine balance and maximum power transmission.

It also includes a new feature that allows you to start the engine with just your thumb. You can now save time with fewer starting cycles, avoid wasting fuel and start working immediately.


The Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer is one of the most powerful garden tools for hedge and shrub trimming. With its 248 cm reach, you can make a clean cut even in the thickest hedges.

It has a blade with 35 mm spaced teeth and a 50 cm cutting diameter. The zero-degree side cutting angle provides better access in confined areas. In the same size range, Stihl offers the HL 95 K thermal hedge trimmer, which we also had the opportunity to test.

The HL 100 is an easy-to-handle hedge trimmer with a dynamic design. It has smart features such as an automatic anti-vibration system. The 30°/45° cutting head allows you to cut dangerous overhanging branches safely and efficiently.

What’s more, at just under 7 kilos, this hedge trimmer is one of the lightest in its class.


It features an ergonomic front handle for better grip and weight distribution, an automatic reverse stop switch and a quick release button for easy maintenance, all ideal for larger properties. The HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer is easy to use and features an anti-vibration system to reduce vibration and improve comfort during use, even on the longest trims.


The Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer is a top-of-the-range, high-performance model that’s more expensive than most of the products we’re talking about. In fact, the average price of this garden tool is 850$. But if you want to be sure of having a quality tool for gardening and trimming hedges and shrubs, it’s worth investing in this pole hedge trimmer. This accessory is manufactured by Stihl, the famous company with its range of different hedge trimmer models. In conclusion, the Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer stands out for its reliability and efficiency. In a lower price range, you can take a closer look at the HLE 71 electric hedge trimmer, also from Stihl.

Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer at the best price

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Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer at the best price

This thermal hedge trimmer is listed at 849.00$ on the Stihl brand website. The best price for this gardening tool and its accessories or spare parts can be found on Amazon. The complete list can be found below.

Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer review

Stihl HL 100

Average price : 849$

Stihl HL 100 thermal hedge trimmer specifications

Main characteristics
Use of the product Trimming a thick hedge
Brand Stihl
Weight 6.9 kg
Warranty 2 years
Engine & Power
Power supply thermal
Power 1 050 watts
Displacement 31.4 cc
Other characteristics
Blade length 50 cm
Cutting capacity 35 mm
Tooth spacing 35 mm
Telescopic function No
Swivel handle Yes
Anti-vibration system Yes
Number of moving blades 2
Laser-cut blade No
Plant collector No
Noise level 88 dB